I woke up in the best mood today. And for the first time it’s not circumstantial or forced happiness because I know I need to be better. Does that make sense? I’m not happy because something really big and great is happening (although maybe it is and I just can’t see it yet) but my brain is happy today. You don’t understand how good that feels to have a brain that tells you good things instead of bad. I told B last night that I was excited and for nothing in general, just excited for our life. I know a lot of you responded to the depression post so I just wanted to tell you guys that today I’m okay. Like really okay, dare I say happy and thank you for caring. (Assuming you still care…and if you don’t…well this got awkward…)

On a lighter note, I really hope that on my tee these are only words for kissing. I’m putting that on you, J.Crew if it’s not. I take no responsibility for accidental international profanity.


Tee: J.Crew (found in-store but not online yet)

Skirt: c/o Corilynn

Shoes: Similar

Tote: Madewell