As much as I’d like to say that after this post, I’ve got it all figured out – I don’t. I might have it even less figured out. You see, I’ve been frustrated with my blog for a little while now. (Who admits this right?) Frustrated is probably not the best word to use – well, actually it is. When you document your outfits for a good portion of three years, you really end up documenting your life. I’ve never realized how much of my emotions, personality, or life situations I put into dressing myself. I always just thought I liked clothes and that I was a lush so a blog was a good outlet for me, turns out I really do dress to how I live my life or how I’m feeling. (Side note: I went Emo (pre-hipster) for some time in college. This is a separate and glorious post that I owe you sometime.) It’s actually hard for me to go through my archives because I’ll deeply remember how hard a time of my life was or how happy it was, all by an outfit post. Without any more words than I share, I feel like you know me pretty well. Strangely, just by my clothes.

I think the hardest part of having a blog that people read is a) remembering that I’m just a normal person and b) hoping that everyone else remembers that I’m just a normal person, too. It’s hard to admit that I’m not an expert on everything that is style, that is owning your own business. I don’t really know that many things, but when I do figure something out I promise I share it with you. (I know, I know a sock bun tutorial IS in order.)

I’ve thought about it and mainly my frustration has been because I haven’t felt like myself on here in a while. I try to tell myself – so what? It’s just an outfit, get over it. But honestly, it’s a little bit more than just an outfit. In a weird way, it’s my life. It’s how I share with you a little bit of my life, a little bit of my personality, a little bit of how I feel. I know that when I look back on the last nine months of these posts, I might not always recognize myself. But today I’d like to.

I pulled these pants from my closet this morning to wear today. I’ve had for a few months now and I’ve worn them many times in real life just not in blog land. I followed these pants at Anthropologie for months because I knew they’d go on sale. Ain’t nobody gonna buy polka dot wide leg pants. Except for me, that is. So why have I never shared them with you before? Because I didn’t think Kendi Everyday would wear them. Kendi Skeen* would wear them. But Kendi Everyday – what would the internet say?

I hope you don’t hear offense in what I’m about to say but I’d like to be who I am today, no approval needed, and I’d like to wear these pants. Damn it. (The ‘damn it’ really adds a bit of class to this post, no?) And I’m pretty sure that’s going to be okay with you.

*Skeen is my last name, if there was any confusion there. It’s not Everyday.