Since moving about a month ago, I’ve wanted to share pieces of our house with you. I can’t share the whole house yet because it’s not even close to being put together. I mean, we don’t have one single curtain in the house or furniture in the guest room besides my old mattress from college and a mysteriously footless bedframe. It’s a fun project though, as we try to build our house together, month by month, piece by piece. B and I are about the most chill people on Earth to go furniture shopping together. In fact, I bet it’s quite annoying for sales people. No fights, no arguments and usually no decisions. The chill factor and a bank account that does not have 1 million dollars in it is what is really slowing down the process. Reality is sad when furniture shopping. But nonetheless (or rather nonethecurtains) I thought I’d show you what we’ve got so far. I’ve never shared my home with the internets before, so I’m a little nervous. Ignore any dust bunnies you might see.
(Also, say hello to Carlos, the best part of our house. He’s usually camera shy but today he was working it.)

// carlos : not for sale //
And one day, when the house has more furniture and we actually decide to hang things on the wall I’ll share the whole place. Maybe even have you over for dinner. And maybe, just maybe I’ll organize my closet and share that, too. Because currently, this is the state: (for shame, I know)
Thanks for coming over, friends. Next time I’ll pour you a drink.
**thank you to my friends at Lulu + Georgia for the beautiful pieces in our new home.**
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